Giants TE Darren Waller questionable vs Cowboys

New York Giants player Darren Waller hurt his leg before a big game against the Dallas Cowboys. He hurt his hamstring, which is a muscle in his leg. They’re not sure if he can play in the game because of this injury. This is the first time he had this problem this week.

The injury didn’t happen only during practice on Friday. He felt his leg was tight and sore during the week. But it’s good news that he could still practice before the game.

Last year, Waller had leg problems too. He hurt his left leg during practice, and then his right leg during the season. They don’t know which leg is hurt this time.

Waller has had a lot of injuries in the last two years. He couldn’t play in 14 out of 34 games.

Darren Waller, a really good football player for the New York Giants, was doing really well in practice before the season started. He looked strong and healthy, and there was no sign of any problems until Friday.

People were excited about having Waller on the team because he’s big and fast, and he can make the team’s offense better. They were hoping to see him play great in the game against the Cowboys on Sunday night.

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During the practice on Friday, Waller was running without any trouble in the beginning. But then, he got hurt.

If Waller can’t play because of his injury, a young player named Daniel Bellinger might have to start in his place.

Waller changed his approach to the offseason to stay healthy this season. He was one of several players who received “vet days” from coach Brian Daboll to keep him fresh.

Waller said that he had to make sure he was peaking at the right time. He worked himself so hard in the 2018, 2019, and 2020 offseasons that it became his norm. Now he wants to become more efficient with it and make sure he’s peaking when the season starts.

He doesn’t want to show up to training camp having worked so hard that he’s almost exhausted because that doesn’t set him up for success or the team up for success. For him, it’s about making sure he’s peaking at the right time.

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