King Charles III Reflects on One Year Since Queen Elizabeth II’s Passing

Today is a day with mixed feelings for the British royal family. They are remembering two important things. First, it’s been one year since King Charles III became king. But it’s also the one-year anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II passing away.

The Queen passed away peacefully at 96 years old in her Balmoral home on September 8th last year. This was a few months after she celebrated her incredible 70-year reign as the British queen.

Right now, King Charles is at Balmoral, a place his mother loved to visit every summer. Some people wondered if he would continue this tradition, but he confirmed it by going there a few weeks ago.

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Family members have been seen at Balmoral recently, but they will all leave by Friday. There won’t be any public events there.

King Charles has chosen to spend this personal day away from the public eye. He’ll only make a brief appearance after going to church. This is similar to how his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, often spent her Accession Day privately at Sandringham House, where her father King George VI passed away in 1952.

Even though he’s staying out of the public eye, the King recorded a short message to honor his mother’s service. He thanked everyone for their love and support during his first year as king.

He also shared a favorite picture of his mother from 1968, where she’s smiling and wearing a special tiara.

Meanwhile, the Prince and Princess of Wales will remember Queen Elizabeth II by attending a small private service in Wales. The Prince is expected to speak on behalf of the family.

They will visit St. Davids Cathedral in St. Davids, which is the smallest city in Britain. This place has been a holy site for more than 1,400 years because it’s associated with David, the patron saint of Wales.

After the service, they will meet local people, some of whom met Queen Elizabeth II during her visits to the city.

Prince Harry, also known as the Duke of Sussex, praised his grandmother during a charity event in London, just before the anniversary of her passing. He couldn’t attend the event last year because his grandmother had passed away. He mentioned that she would have wanted him to be there with everyone, and he believes she’s watching over them and is happy they are all together.

Prince Harry came back to the United Kingdom briefly for this charity event. He has been supporting this charity for more than ten years. After this visit, he’s heading to Germany for the opening of his Invictus Games in Dusseldorf on Saturday. He won’t have time to see his immediate family during this quick visit.

Prince William posed for selfies with the public while visiting businesses

His wife, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, was not with him in London. But she is expected to join him in Germany shortly after the games start.

The anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s death marks the end of a transition period and the start of a new era in the monarchy, often called the “Carolean era.” Some royal experts say that King Charles has been working to combine the two reigns and make the monarchy stronger.

In his first year as king, King Charles has focused on stability and continuity, which has surprised some people. He has visited different parts of the United Kingdom and is aware of the country’s diversity and multicultural nature. Some experts believe he is a “modern King” who is sensitive to these new aspects, even more so than the late Queen Elizabeth II.

King Charles’s first year as king has been quite successful, says Craig Prescott, an expert in constitutional law. Many people were worried because having a new monarch was a big change for the country. But surprisingly, not much has changed.

For the past 30 years, people have talked about what kind of king Charles would be. In reality, he has followed his mother’s example closely. This year has been more about keeping things the same than making big changes.

Recent polls in the UK show that most people think King Charles is doing a good job in his first year as king. However, there is a difference in opinion between generations. Younger people are less supportive of the monarchy.

Prescott also said that King Charles has been making small adjustments to address public concerns. He’s trying to figure out what he can do in his new role. For example, he’s combined the traditional coronation service with some modern touches like music and the people he invited.

He’s also been involved in events that promote diversity and inclusion, which means including people from different backgrounds.

But it’s not easy to keep an old institution like the monarchy relevant in modern times, especially to younger generations. King Charles will have to find the right balance between tradition and change. It’s a continuous process of modernization, and it’s not always visible to the public.

The data is collected from CNN News.

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