NBC News Star Laura Jarrett Joins the Saturday Morning TV News Battle

When Peter Alexander starts hosting the “Today” show on Saturdays, he will have a new co-host named Laura Jarrett. Laura is a newcomer to NBC News. She is taking over the weekend edition of the morning program because Kristen Welker is now hosting “Meet The Press.” During a practice session on Thursday, Peter found out that Laura is really smart and will challenge him with tough questions. He needs to be prepared for that.

Key Highlight points

  • Laura Jarrett, a legal expert, joins Saturday’s “Today” show with Peter Alexander due to Kristen Welker’s new hosting role.
  • Laura and Peter are considered a strong team due to their understanding of politics and law, crucial for the 2024 election and discussing Donald Trump’s legal matters.
  • Laura transitioned from CNN to her significant role on the “Today” show, where they cover both critical news and everyday topics on Saturdays.
  • Laura looks forward to discussing more uplifting subjects and is pleased that the show is relocating to New York, her hometown.

Laura Jarrett is in charge of covering legal issues at NBC News, and Peter Alexander is the main correspondent covering the White House. NBC is doing this because they know that the 2024 election will be important, and they need hosts who understand both politics and the law. There are legal problems for former President Donald Trump, and they will be talking about them.

Saturday morning TV has become more competitive. CBS has a special Saturday program, and ABC is working hard to get more people to watch their Saturday show. Laura Jarrett used to work at CNN before coming to NBC. She used to co-anchor the early-morning show “Early Start” on CNN. She is an expert in law and used to be a lawyer in Chicago after going to Harvard Law School.

Laura Jarrett always wanted to be a legal expert on TV news. Now, she has a big job as a host on the Saturday edition of the “Today” show.

On Saturdays, the “Today” hosts talk about serious news and everyday life topics. For example, this weekend, they will discuss how to make sure kids go to bed at the right time now that school has started. Many parents have this challenge, and they want to help real people with these issues.

This new job will let Laura show a different side of herself. During the week, she usually talks about serious things like death and legal problems, so she’s excited to talk about happier topics.

The “Today” show is moving back to New York, where Laura lives, after being in Washington, D.C. Laura is happy about this because she gets to be with her colleagues and even bring her daughters to a “Today” concert sometimes.

Laura didn’t expect to get this job, but she was encouraged by Peter Alexander, Hoda Kotb, and Savannah Guthrie, who all work on the “Today” show. Now, she’s part of the “Today” family.

The above Article data is from NBC News Source.

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